Marketing Products the Easy Way

Since using Amazon FBA we had a monthly sales increase of 800%. That’s a jump to a monthly sales of $2000 from our $220 with other online platforms.

Can you do this too? Of course!

We have the the process down pat and that’s what we’re going to share with you in our workshop.

Do you need more reasons? Ok. We’ll give you more

Here are 3 more reasons why Amazon FBA is perfect for Filipino sellers:

1. It will reduce your shipping costs.

We all know that shipping costs is one of the biggest expenses when selling globally. With Amazon FBA, you can reduce your shipping costs because you will be sending your products in bulk to an Amazon fulfillment warehouse.

To illustrate this, let me use a product that I sold in Amazon. I bought a bestseller Filipino book from National Bookstore at Php175 and I was able to sell in Amazon US at Php1500. I will not be able to make a profit if I ship this individually to the US because it will cost Php2000 per book per shipment. Because I am sending them in bulk to Amazon warehouse, it only cost me Php250 per book.

2. You do not need to get a distributor to sell in US.

The old business model requires you to have someone/distributor to discover your product, import and sell them in the US. They will be buying your products at a cheap price and they will be the one selling them at a high price. They will be enjoying the profit and not the manufacturer/producer. With Amazon FBA, you can skip that part and sell directly to US customers.

3. You will have access to the 224 million Amazon customers.

You will have access to the number one marketplace. And with Amazon FBA, you will be considered priority seller for the customers because your products are already in the Amazon warehouses. This will increase your sales because customers trust Amazon FBA sellers.

These are the only the 3 of the many advantages of using Amazon FBA. If you want to know more, you can attend our workshop “How to earn dollars in Amazon by selling Filipino products”.

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