Marketing Products the Easy Way

Did you know that you can sell fresh and processed food in Amazon?

Yes, you can! Amazon has evolved so much that any product you can think of, is already being sold there.

This is where I think the Philippines has a lot of potential. We produced world class fruits and vegetables. But why are we not taking advantage of this? This is because Filipino producers experienced challenges in information, access to market and logistics. An owner of a logistics company told me that our fresh produce will go first to Hong Kong before they are sent to the US or Canada.

This is one of the reasons why I founded eCFulfill. There should be an easier way. If you are a small farm owner and produces fresh and processed food products, you should be able to send your products directly to the Global Market through an eCommerce marketplaces like Amazon. Once you are in these marketplaces, you can easily compete with the big brands.

When I watched the video about Amazon Go, I was not only impressed by the technology but was more excited about our potential. I can see that our fresh produce are the one selling in these stores. This will be the future of grocery shopping and the Philippines will be in the forefront as producers.

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